About Homecleaning.co.za and the owner

Hi, and welcome to homecleaning.co.za.

The reason I made this website is because I’m just honestly so tired of all the issues I’ve had in the past when it came to finding somebody I could trust to clean my home.

Your home isn’t just your private space, it’s where you and your family should feel comfortable and most secure. So hiring a cleaner is a big deal because you are letting a complete stranger into your home. Which is why it’s vital to only bring in somebody you can trust.

If you don’t your family will be vulnerable. And unfortunately that is the reality we live in with the rampant crime in our society.

This website is just to share my quick story and to offer a great solution to the problem. Just to clear up any confusion, I am not providing the service. I am instead promoting a company who is. This company is Sweep South. They have come up with a great cleaning service which is convenient, affordable and most of all, safe.

For the sake of complete transparency, I do get a small commission when I refer somebody who makes use of their service. This commission does not increase the price you pay in anyway, in fact if you are referred by me you get a nice discount. This helps me supplement my income as I quit my job after the break-in and work full-time from home. You are also welcome to search for Sweep South directly on the internet if you would rather I don’t get a commission.

I will also be posting articles on tips to get your house clean and in the best shape.

If you do want to get in touch you can reach me at john@homecleaning.co.za

Thank you