Top 5 Fun Things to do in Durban, KZN

South Africa is one of the most common destinations for travelers worldwide, almost everyone who is making a trip down to Africa has South Africa on their itinerary. Travelers are drawn to the great African country to experience some of the many unique and exciting activities available all over the country. Durban in particular, a coastal city located in the eastern parts of KZN, draws many visitors from all over the world. The city has a lot to offer both the locals and foreign visitors. If you are looking to travel to South Africa, here are 5 things to do in Durban South Africa:

1. uShaka Sea World

uShaka Marine World in Durban
uShaka Sea World leads the list of must see place in Durban, it is one of the largest and most innovative aquariums in the world. The attractive touristic water park was built around five iconic shipwrecks; participants can scuba dive in these areas among a whole lot of other available underwater activities. There is a super high water slide in the uShaka Wet ‘n’ Wild section designed to please the kids and those who are young at heart. Beach lovers can enjoy quality time at the uShaka Beach that also features a large pier stretching out into the beautiful waters of the ocean. The water park is completed by a beautiful African village called uShaka Village Walk that contains many shops, restaurants that serve African cuisine and other African experiences. The resort is truly immaculate, this is thanks to their very own in-house Durban cleaning service.


2. The Golden Mile

The Golden Mile is a beachfront that offers a wide range of outdoor physical activities for locals and visitors. The golden sand beach stretches for about 4 miles along the coastal edge of Durban starting at Blue Lagoon, covering Addington Beach and Durban Harbor. There is a wide range of exciting activities to do on the Golden Mile including Jogging on the beach jog trail, surfing, biking and sunbathing. It is a perfect place for some fun outdoor activities during a vacation.


3. Ice Skating at Durban Ice Arena

The Durban ice skating arena is an incredible place to visit whilst traveling in Durban South Africa. The arena benefited from some major refurbishments turned it into the go-to place for indoor activities in Durban. Without discriminating on ages, the arena hosts many recreational indoor skating activities throughout the day and night. In addition to the various activities, the place offers a wide range of international fast food outlets and restaurants that serve local cuisine for food lovers.


4. Visit the Wonder market

Located at Umhlanga in Durban KZN. Umhlanga is a resort town that is frequented by many visitors from all over the world. The town hosts the Wonder Market, an exotic outdoor marketplace that exhibits and sells a whole lot of traditional goods and foods. The scenery at the Wonder Market add-on to the shopping experience, it is located in the Chris Saunders Park so therefore visitors can expect a breezy atmosphere complemented by natural surroundings. Items on sale usually include local produce, fresh flowers, Craftwork, personalized hand-crafted jewelry and many other KZN products. Most tourists usually go to the Wonder Market to pick up or purchase souvenirs and gifts to take back home.


5. The living fossils at the Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are now rare worldwide and Durban houses one of the world’s oldest living fossils botanical garden. Visitors can witness a top collection of cycad plants at the botanical gardens. These are seed-producing plants that date back 250 million years and they have for a really long time been on the possible extinction list. What is amazing about the plants is that they closely resemble dinosaurs which cause many people to refer to the park as the Jurassic Park experience.