How can you be sure that the next domestic worker you employ is not part of a crime syndicate?

Revealed: Easily Book a Trustworthy and Reliable Maid in Just 5 Simple Steps and FINALLY Feel at Ease in Your Own Home

Available in: Cape Town, Centurion, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria

Hi, John here.

I’d like to tell you a quick story about what happened to my family and I a few years ago.

We are a small family of 4. My wife and I, our daughter (the eldest) and our son.

After going through the frustration of: looking for a maid can be extremely stressful

  • Searching through classifieds


  • Contacting potential maids


  • Trying to verify their “legitimate references”


  • Painstakingly putting together a contract that was both legal and fair


My wife and I eventually hired a young lady named Silvia.

We tend to open up easily with our domestics since they are spending so much time with us in our house, so in a way, they become part of the family and we wanted her to also feel relaxed around us.

We thought we had done our due diligence well enough and felt comfortable with trusting Silvia in our home.

We couldn’t have been more wrong…

I remember that it was a warm Wednesday morning in late October.

My wife and I were watching the news as I was finishing up a cup of hot coffee before going off to work.

My daughter was sitting at the computer working on an assignment, and my son was in his room sleeping because he was feeling ill.

Silvia was in the back kitchen doing dishes.

When suddenly, we heard voices. And it wasn’t coming from the TV…

It was Silvia.

At first I thought maybe she was listening to the radio, but then it became clear that she wasn’t alone. Moments later we heard loud footsteps rushing down the passage and before we could react, 3 men with guns burst into our living room.

There’s no way to put into words that bone-chilling feeling of terror that instantly sweeps over your body.

We were ordered to lie face down on the floor while they tied us up with our hands behind our back.

With a gun to my head, one of them asked me where my son was. I responded: “He’s not a threat, he’s very sick and fast asleep in his room. He won’t wake up so please just take what you want and leave!”

Immediately one of the gunmen went into his room and closed the door behind him. My heart was racing, I knew if my son had to wake up he would resist even in his weakened condition, and the situation would get even worse. I prayed that he would be safe and wouldn’t wake up.

The other two demanded to know where the money was kept. I complied.

I just wanted them out of our house and my family safe.

There was no sound coming from my son’s bedroom. And after what felt like an eternity, his door finally opened and the gunman appeared. Was my son OK? All I wanted to do was call out to him, but I knew that if I did and he was actually safe then he would wake up and there would be trouble.

While I desperately resisted the urge to call out to my son, Silvia and her accomplices (it was later on discovered that one of them was her boyfriend) were helping themselves to our hard earned property. Money, jewellery, cell phones… All gone.

And just like that, the home invaders were gone as well.

My wife managed to free herself and frantically untied my daughter and I while we all screamed out my son’s name. We then rushed to his room. I flung open his door but couldn’t tell if he was OK since his bed is on the opposite side of the room and he was covered in blankets. There was no movement.

I rushed to his bedside and burst into tears when I saw his face.

He was sleeping and had a smile on his face. Blissfully unaware of what just happened, and most importantly, unharmed.

It took years to recover financially from what we lost that day. I don’t think that you ever fully recover emotionally but I’m just grateful that my family were safe.

There’s just too many incidents in South Africa that result in tragedy.


Over 50% of crimes in South Africa are an inside job!


We live in stressful times. They say over 50% of residential crimes are an inside job. Which is honestly terrifying. That’s why it’s crucial that proper due diligence is done when hiring a domestic worker, namely:Maid with mop and bucket

  • Making sure reliable and extensive background checks are done on possible maids


  • Following up on their references and making sure that they are genuine


  • Having a professionally drawn up contract that safeguards you as well as the domestic


  • Hiring a maid that has extensive experience and training… NO CHANCERS!


But what if I told you that you won’t have to go through the struggle of ensuring all these things are in place ever again?


Because I’m going to show you a domestic cleaning company that:

fits in with your schedule


gives you peace of mind

Introducing: The residential cleaning service that lets you quickly and easily book a trustworthy domestic worker from your phone or computer in just a couple minutes.


All domestic workers:


  • Are fully vetted


  • Have undergone extensive background and criminal checks


  • Are friendly & professional


  • Have a MINIMUM of 2 years cleaning experience


  • Have legitimate document verification


  • Are insured


Not only are you getting complete peace of mind when making the important decision of who you let into your home. But you can also easily choose exactly which areas need to be cleaned…







Living Rooms

Living Rooms



Client Satisfaction

cleaning hours completed

Cleaning Hours Already Completed

And having been featured in:

cleaning company featured in


As well as being the winner of the SiMODiSA Start-Up South Africa Award back in 2014

South African award winner






Plus: you ONLY pay for the time spent cleaning and the payment is only processed AFTER the cleaning has been completed!

As a BONUS you can also:

Go a step deeper with customising your desired clean.

residential cleaning customisation options

residential cleaning customisation options (continued)

As well as even being able to choose whether the maid should use your cleaning products or come with her own.


However, popularity is increasing as more South Africans become aware of this service, so I highly recommend you at least check it out so that you don’t miss out

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!guarantee


What I also love about this service is that if you aren’t 100% satisfied, a different domestic worker will be sent out to clean your home at no extra cost.



I urge you to try it out and book a domestic worker today.


And FINALLY enjoy a safe, modern and stress-free house cleaning service.


It’s not just peace of mind, but also a professional service with a smile to keep your home clean.


Giving you more of your valuable time back to do more of what you want to do and fitting in with your schedule.


Please Note: This is not my cleaning service. It is my review of SweepSouth, a domestic worker agency near me that I have found to be extremely safe, reliable and convenient for my needs. I wanted to share it with my fellow South Africans who may have had similar bad experiences that I’ve been through or who have similar safety concerns.

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